If you’ve just received Apple’s new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, or if you’re still looking for yours, you’ll want to safeguard your purchase with one of the top iPhone 12 cases.

So, no matter what your preference is, you will be able to discover a case that will work well with your iPhone 12.

Caseface has a number of iPhone 12 cases to cater to a selection of preferences. Minimal iPhone 12 cases, along with transparent cases, certified Apple cases, leather cases, pocketbook cases, and more are available.

What characteristics define a great iPhone case?

We analyze a wide range of aspects when selecting the best cases, from specific parameters including physical size and quality of safety to personal ratings of appearance and sensation.

Despite the fact that we’ve been evaluating cases for ages and have some continuous choices across several iPhone versions, no case has become a selection simply because it’s been picked in the past. We tested every new case on the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini, and 12 Pro Max with the phones in our hands to assess how well it fits and functions.

Although we have a wide range of suggestions for diverse designs, we base all of our suggestions on the following conditions:

●     Drop defense:

We look for cases that provide appropriate protection for a phone without adding additional frills or bulk. We don’t perform drop tests, but we do search for scenarios that can clearly sustain some damage.

●     Complete coverage:

As more of the phone a case safeguards, the greater; we favor cases that cover everything except the device’s screen. The top cases offer button safety with a touch that resembles, in some situations, even improves the sensation of a raw iPhone’s buttons.

We also prefer cases that don’t allow the phone’s top or bottom edges visible, but this isn’t always a big deal. Cases with a round aperture to reveal the Apple mark on the backside of the phone, on the other side, aren’t considered because they provide inferior total protection with no actual advantage.

●     Raised front lip:

A mouth all-around borders of the phone’s display help avoid broken screens, which is one of the most common concerns with smartphones, but it also assists avoid the screen from being damaged if the phone is placed aside. To check every case, we utilize a 0.85-millimeter dial gauge, as recommended by Apple.

●     Broad aesthetic appeal:

However a case may be found to meet any visual desire, we recommend cases with basic, even beautiful designs that are expected to attract the majority of individuals rather than ones that correspond to special visual preferences.

●     MagSafe:

The MagSafe mechanism from Apple is a complex thing. Magnetic cordless chargers and gadgets, along with cases with a magnetic ring designed to hold them, are all included. A case without the magnetic ring might operate with a MagSafe charger if it’s slim too, but it’s unlikely to function with a car mounting or wallet.

At this time, only Apple cases completely support MagSafe, but we predict many others to follow suit in the near future. Meanwhile, we’re analyzing each case we suggest to determine if wireless charging is possible through the case.