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Are you on the lookout for gifted psychics hiding in plain sight? It’s difficult to believe, but people all over the world have been known to possess these supernatural powers. Psychics can commune with the spirits of loved ones, glimpse into the future and perceive that which others can not. This insight gives them the ability to pierce through the thin fabric of our reality and see the world for what it really is.

Shockingly, some of these people don’t even know they’re psychics. They perceive their state of heightened awareness as the way the world is, unaware of their powers. Don’t worry, though, there’s some good news! Our team has compiled a list of seven of the easiest ways to recognize the psychics in your life. Who knows? It might be that you’re one of them.

1. They Have a Keen Sense of Intuition

When it comes to the psychic arts, intuition is key. That’s why gifted psychics often seem to be just a few steps ahead. They’re like detectives, perceiving the smallest details and committing them to memory. Because of their increased understanding of reality, psychics take the world seriously.

Psychics especially pay careful attention to the things that other people say. The meaning of a person’s soul is written upon the words that they speak. By listening carefully to another person’s words, a psychic can learn a great deal about the world.

2. They Know About Things Before They Happen

Psychics have the preternatural ability to detect danger before it happens. There are all kinds of advantages to having this ability. They are less likely to suffer accidents or injuries. They rarely cross paths with black cats. This gives a psychic a safety net that they can draw upon time and time again.

Look closely. If you see a person occasionally hesitating, it might just be their psychic intuition preventing disaster.

3. They Spend Time With Animals

Psychics know that animals are as much a part of the world as humans are. That’s why they love animals and freely spend time with them. This love is mutual, and animals often gather around psychics.

Psychics also know that animals can tell them a great deal about the state of affairs in a house or an office. By listening carefully to their furry friends, psychics can better prepare themselves and their clients.

4. They Are Comfortable in Haunted Places

Psychics aren’t daunted by places that others call haunted. Forlorn spirits and other supernatural phenomena do not trouble psychics. That’s with good reason. Psychics can commune with these spirits, unlike most ordinary people.

Think about it. Strangers you see on the street are so much scarier before you talk to them at length, right? The same is true for psychics and the denizens of the spirit world.

5. They Are Compassionate and Caring

Psychics love people. Their understanding of the world gives them so much empathy for the suffering of others. This makes them compassionate and caring. Psychics always go out of their way to help other people be the best they can be.

This is one of the single best signs of latent psychic power. Psychic power is deeply tied to the strength of the spirit and the heart.

6. They Can Guess What You’re Thinking

Psychics can skirt around the edges of your mind with their clairvoyant powers. This clairvoyance makes them extremely knowledgeable in the way you think. This makes it easy for them to bond with the people in their lives. Many people form connections with psychics without knowing it.

If you know someone who completes your sentences, maybe they’re psychic!

7. They Are Calm, Thoughtful and Considerate

Psychics always give great consideration to every action they take. That’s because they know just how impactful a single step can be.

Imagine you’re walking through a park. You decide not to go down a road because you see a slimy snail crawling along the ground. If you had kept going, you wouldn’t have met the love of your life. Even the tiniest decisions that we make can radically change the world.