Party tricks have been a classic tradition when going out with friends, or just hanging out for decades. From old tricks to new tricks, they are always guaranteed to give someone a smile, or even a few bucks.

So, while you wait for that game to download, or your Intertops poker bonus, or that movie you have been trying to get to load for the past hour, here are some fun, simple, and timeless party tricks to be the star of the show with your friends!

Egg in the Bottle

The first party trick that is simple, yet perhaps unusual, is the egg in a beer bottle. You start the trick off by finding a friend, or just anyone who is willing, and challenge them to try and get a hard-boiled egg into an empty beer bottle without breaking the egg.

So, at first, they will struggle and struggle. They may try to pinch the egg to get it to fit into the bottle. Or perhaps, they will simply just try to shove the egg down the neck of the bottle.

This is where you come in! After your friend has given up, you pull out a matchbox. Light a match and drop it into the bottle. Immediately after this, you place the egg over the entrance to the bottle.

After a few seconds, you will find the egg has been magnificently sucked into the bottle intact! You may get some applause and a few awe-struck stares, and you will have won the challenge.

But, how does this work? Why does the egg go into the bottle because of the match? Well, it has to do with pressure. When the candle burns out, it is because the oxygen in the bottle has been used up.

So, there will be a difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the bottle. Air from outside the bottle will want to go into the bottle! And, since the egg is in the way, it gets sucked along for the ride!

Beer Bridge

Hmm… It is seeming like we have a pattern around beer in this list… But, I digress. This is a similar kind of challenge. It also involves moving something that is within a beer bottle.

The difference now is that we actually care about the beer. The challenge you will issue to your audience or friends is to see if they can get the beer from one beer bottle to another empty beer bottle without spilling.

What is the catch? They can’t touch the full beer bottle, and they have to do it in ten seconds! The only things you will give them are the beer bottles and a straw. The straw will be key here for you, and a confusing tool for them!

Usually, it will go something like this; the person you have issued the challenge to will try to slowly bring the beer over by sucking it into the straw and blowing it into the empty bottle. Inevitably, they will not be perfect and will spill a bit on the counter, or drink some of it.

They will also most likely go over their 10-second limit, without having gotten more than a tiny bit of beer from the full bottle into the empty bottle. This is where you once again steal the show!

The first thing you do is place the straw inside the full beer bottle as if you were going to use the straw to drink from the beer bottle. Next, you place the empty beer bottle under the end of the straw you would normally drink from.

The final step? You blow into the beer bottle! Not from the straw though, around the straw! You press your lips onto the mouth of the beer bottle and blow into the bottle. This will create pressure, and the beer will go out the only opening it has: the straw!

And so, you will have made a nice little beer pipe, and you can get all the beer you wanted from the full beer bottle to the empty beer bottle. And within the time limit too!

Bill Under Bottle

It seems the pattern will continue as we have a third challenge that requires a beer bottle! This one is as simple as you can get, and it is easy to incorporate a bit into the challenge smoothly!

So, what is the setup? How do we awe our friends with this trick? Simple, offer them money, and make them feel silly when they can’t get it!

For this challenge, you will only need two things. One of the things is an empty beer bottle. The second thing you will need is a bill of any denomination. It doesn’t matter if it is a one hundred dollar bill or a dollar bill. It just simply needs to be a bill.

This trick will work with any country’s money. Euros, pounds, yen, you name it! So long as it is a bill this trick will work.

To start this one-off, you will walk up to someone, and challenge them. You do this by saying they can have the bill, and then you place the bill down if they can get it out from under the bottle. Then, you place the bottle down lip first on the center of the bill.

The trick to this challenge is that they cannot knock over the bottle when retrieving the bill. If they do, they fail the challenge. And, obviously, don’t get the bill if you had bet it.

So, they will inevitably try to carefully pull the bill out. This will cause the bottle to fall over immediately. Or perhaps, they go for the table cloth route and yank the bill out with full force. This, however, will also knock the bottle over. The bottle is just simply too imbalanced for this to work.

So, how do you get the bill out and beat the challenge? Simple, you just need a bit of air time to slide the bill out from underneath the bottle!

What do I mean by “air time?” Well, I mean causing the bottle to bounce up ever so slightly off the table. This will give you a window of time to pull the bill out from under it.

So, how do we get this air time? The trick is to smack the top of the table. Smack it hard! You need the table to move slightly and cause the bottle to bounce up into the air. It is during that second in the air where you will pull the bill out and be victorious.

Beware though! Some people might try to trick you! I have heard people pull a stunt where they get you to pick up the bill and then snatch it out from under your nose.

This trick on you will go something like so. First, they will claim the challenge is impossible. They will then claim it is impossible because you have glued the bottle to the bill. They will then try to shrug off your challenge.

So, as you feel the need to prove your honesty, you will pick up the bottle and prove to them that you have, in fact, not glued the bill to the bottle. It is in this moment that they will then snatch the bill off the table, and declare themselves the winner of your challenge. 

And, as there are no rules, they will be correct! They just needed to get the bill out from under the bottle without touching the bottle. They didn’t touch the bottle. You touched the bottle. And, just like that, the one with all the tricks became the tricked!