In 6th grade, mum promised to get me a Sony PSP. That was if I passed my papers well. It meant that I was to an average of over 95% within the class for the entire year. That was a good motivation for me; I had to work hard and get the minimum average.

For me to get the scores that my mum needed, I had to read and work hard. Hence I didn’t have any to go out and play with friends. I almost lost hope because the PSP looked like a prize that I would not get.

So what happened was, I began to use my time on activities that seem to matter and had little time on assignments. Too bad for me, I did not receive the Sony PSP.

You might be in that particular situation. You can join the college having serious motivation, and then by the time the semester is ending, you are losing morale slowly by slowly. One will start compromising gradually, instead of reading your work and completing your assignments. So how can one keep the motivation going and not losing any?

Here are some tips that you can use to do your homework on time.

 Develop task management systems.

One needs to have an organized way of managing his tasks. One does not need to have confusion in their brains. One needs their brain to perform other activities.

Tips to develop an activity management system.

Full your calendar.

Add the projects, quizzes, the due date to submit course work, and other activities. One can also break down more significant tasks into smaller tasks on their calendar.

Immediately add tasks when you find out about them.

The moment you hear that there is a new task that the lecturer or school has given, write it down. You can use apps like Gmail tasks or Todoist. It depends on which app works for you.

Review your to-do list weekly.

It will help you to focus on urgent tasks. And you will be able to also prepare for the events that are coming in the future. Someone can review in different forms.

Break your activities down into smaller chunks.

One can plan to finish his work in 30mins, yet he knows that his work will not take him 30 mins to complete, but it ends up taking 30mins. It is a wastage of time.

Break your assignments into smaller, manageable tasks.

It makes the work to have lesser intimidation that when it is a lot. It means that you will have more morale to work on your assignments.

Work every day.

Students mess up when it comes to the organization because they have much work and put them anywhere. Students write down tasks on their tasks and end using and relying on their brains for remembering activities.

These activities should reduce on and spend most of the brain’s ability on essential things, like finding solutions to math problems.

For one to avoid this mess, one needs to work each day.

As you work each day, you will know where you stopped easily than when you leave you to work for a long time. Your work will have a consistent flow.


When one connects with his work easily, it is easier to begin and write his work. Things will do well and in advance. Most of the time, students wait till the 11th hour to do their assignments.