This Wednesday, August 19, in Incredible Transformations, the experts received a candidate who was not really his age. Nicolas Waldorf has even been shocked by discovering that she was much younger than he thought.

Nicolas Waldorf



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A bride-to-be has passed the door of the agency Incredible Transformations, on Wednesday, August 19. Morgane asked the experts for a makeover of the M6 for his mother, Muriel, whose style leaves something to be desired. “For the wedding, or my dress or the caterer does stresses me out… but it’s going to be the look of my mother ! “, she entrusted to Nicolas Waldorf, Charla Carter and Léa Djadja. If this trio was in the habit to see candidates with a style that is outdated, the arrival of Muriel has been a small shock. It is not so much his clothes that were most troubling, but more the fact that she had not the age at which relookeurs thought. “She has what age is your mum ? “asked Charla Carter Morgane seeing Muriel enter in the agency. The bride-to-be said that she was 55 years old, and has put Nicolas Waldorf in all of its states.

Nicolas Waldorf tackle severely a candidate

The hairdresser of Incredible Transformations, which rarely fails an opportunity to drop a valve, was this time too disturbed to be humorous. “55 ? Seriously ?, if it is asked. Wait, there I am shocked ? “Muriel knows, we give him more than that :” Oh yeah… I’m older… “, she confirmed. “No, I would not say that… You do a LOT more old ! “, then let go of Nicolas Waldorf. A pike that has outraged his comrades Leah Djada and Charla Carter, but he has fully assumed : “My only fault to it is to just be ! I’m not going to hide it ! “he defended. Charla Carter has finally confirmed it : “Muriel is much more than her age, because she really has no style,” explained the stylist, holding the candidate “not chic” and ” mummy “. Muriel explained why she was not taking care of it : “The priority in my life is my children, my husband, my grandchildren… And it is true that I leave myself…” But the time had come to take the time to feel better in his skin : the experts are a busy time of it. So well that when she discovered the outcome, Muriel felt her eyes film : rejuvenated, she has blown away her daughter, she also on the verge of tears.