U. S. Triestina Calcio 1918 communicates that you have defined in these minutes the acquisition of the right to sports performance of Raffaele Ioime. The player is bound to cause alabardata with a contract of two-year duration, with expiry set for 30 June 2022 and the option of a further season in the case of promotion to Serie B.

Born in Naples on October 27, 1987, 190 cm height, Raffaele Ioime is an extreme defender, with great responsiveness, courage, technique and personality. He moves the first steps in Catania and was sent on loan not yet 17-year-old is now holder of a D-Series with the mesh of Savoy, Brindisi and Cosenza (60 caps in total). Back to the etna in the second part of the season 2007/2008, defends 26 times the stakes of the Spring training. He made his debut in the Pro League in 2008/2009 with the shirt of Legnano (22 admissions) to be purchased from Spal co-owned with Catania. After a season, Ferrara also boasts an experience abroad, in Romania with the coat of UTA Arad in the 2010/2011 season. Back in Italy, defending the port of Campobasso, Latina and Ischia are always in the Pro League, while by the summer of 2015 begins a long chapter by the protagonist in the Basilicata region. Three seasons at Picerno in the D Series (72 tokens), a brief parenthesis in Matera, which is followed by the transfer to the Power in the Pro League. In the two-year 2018/2020 defending the port ball to on 59 occasions, collecting a 28 ‘clean sheet’, including the challenge of the playoffs with the Union of 9 July last.

In the radar alabardati for a long time, strongly placed Trieste at the top of their preferences despite the many requests received from clubs in the top category, ready to get back into the game and to write an important page in his career.