To continue the climbing of the major teleconferencing services , Google, Meet, Zoom , and Microsoft Teams. The trio of apps has made of the pandemic and telework her luck, and will now prepare to introduce important news for all users that for months now the use on a daily basis.

  • ZOOM

In anticipation of the merger with Duo, and after being landed on the smart display at the end of June, the Mountain View Google Meet prepares to land , even on devices Chromecast.

We recognize that many schools are turning to distance learning, and for this reason we have decided to support this new learning environment for teachers and students. Meet Chromecast will allow you to host or participate in meetings giving you the opportunity to get in touch with classmates, collaborate on projects and even participate in lessons.

From the small screen to the big screen, you can attend a meeting from anywhere in the house. That you’re learning at a distance, giving a presentation or by connecting with the family, enjoy the Meet now on the Chromecast.

To be able to take advantage of Google Meet with devices Chromecast you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome and make sure that the Chromecast has the latest firmware is installed.

Zoom does not want to learn to stop, and after reached 300 million daily users in the month of April, will now prepare to embrace the smart displays for Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Thanks to this new addition, you know the popular company, users will be able to connect more easily with friends, family, and colleagues, working face-to-face through video collaboration.

  • Zoom on the Facebook Portal: will be available in September and will keep the users automatically in the frame of the video calls thanks to the Smart Room of the Portal. Zoom-on Portal will be available on the Portal Mini Portal and Portal+. Support for Portal TV is planned for the near future.
  • Zoom in on the Amazon Echo Show: the users of the Alexa will be able to participate in video conferencing Zoom from the device, as the Echo Show. The availability is set in the United States by the end of the year, starting from the Echo Show 8.
  • Zoom in on Google Nest Hub Max: Zoom will arrive on the Nest Hub Max by the end of the year, where you can mention the integration with Google Calendar, and the Assistant Google.

Microsoft continues to expand the number of people that can be simultaneously shown in a video call with Teams.

Thanks to the latest update of the app, come now to version 2.0.19, the Redmond company has expanded the grid for video calling, making it easier to videochiamarsi with multiple users at the same time. To follow the change log taken from the App Store:

  • View more screens in the calls and in the meetings. 2×4 on iPhone, 3×3 on the iPad
  • New setting to reduce the amount of data used by the Teams when the video is turned on
  • Choose which number to call for contacts with more than one phone number
  • Single Sign-On access for bots and tools to Teams that use the credentials of the organization
  • Display the daily calendar of meetings. Participates in, edit or share them with your contacts
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