Enrico Fedele, former attorney and sports executive, is connected in direct to TMW Radio, intervening in the course of the transmission Stage Open, at the microphones of Niccolò Ceccarini, responding first to a question from a listener who asked Tonal to Fiorentina: “If they give Pulgar and take Jorginho, in my opinion, make it one of the centrocampi strongest of the Series, because they have a great player like Amrabat and another top as Castrovilli, even if it has to fly lower. Many say that the Tonal is equal to Pirlo… But it’s not: he’s more faticatore in the middle and Pirlo was a champion of the imagination”.

Jorginho alla Fiorentina is not fantasy football?
“I have told him to say one of the role of the… The midfielder is not the main role at this time to Fiorentina, if he Pulgar, Duncan, Amrabat and Castrovilli”.

The Naples is preparing to greet Allan and Koulibaly, right?
“The sale of Koulibaly is made of 99%, there is already the agreement with the player, lacking only to find the bonus to arrive at the figure of 65-70 million euros, and for me it’s a huge operation: for the age of the project and Naples, which is in a moment of rejuvenation that will lead him to fight for a place in UEFA and not more. To Allan, instead, should get 30-35 million: around a hundred. There is already a young man of promise, as Osimhen, who has quality but needs to show. They speak well…”.

Boga is a target? Or more Under?
“The Boga is expensive, while the Under is the fact that Owned does not want to go to Rome, as well as Dzeko, who then would not like Juve but Inter. Boga know it well, is an external attack to the left: should be to take a duplicate of Insigne. The Naples now has a team of seven dwarves, there is a need for the midfielders to physicality”.

Milan has done well to confirm Pegs?
“I say that if the is earned on the field, and then is not that all coaches foreigners have the holy water. Us immediately with a priest, we do not become a bishop or blessed, but that saint immediately! We do not have this reason of the intermediate step. I think Benitez, past Naples and not able to get the results he wanted, or Luis Enrique released from Rome and then the Treble with Barcelona. Pegs is not an eagle, but he can be wise and, above all, is honest with the players”.

Napoli’s serves Veretout?
“If you think that the Naples 7° was 7°, which is 60 goals, and take 50, then there is something wrong. Lacks the defensive coverage, and are arranged with Demme and Lobotka. I would go to take Bakayoko, if not I will go to Milan…”.

And Szoboszlai?
“He is talented and young. I had said that Napoli needed a defender management with Thiago Silva, and quoting Capello say unto you, that could play not only with the pipe in his mouth, but also with the cigarette. I know I like the Florentine, and with the Decree Growth would be the same as the expense of Ribery”.

Vecino, Gagliardini and Borja Valero will remain in Inter?
“The great intuition of the Count, even if I liked what he said, was to understand that in the middle of the field there is a need for physicality. And he has put a Gagliardini, who is a powerhouse and is less technical than the other two. Then has taken away a right-multiple of an offense as a Way to replacing it with a liquefying (D’ambrosio, ed.). When you play three you need full backs that push, but not strikers that defend”.

They can be really the Dzeko and Raul Jimenez to make a difference in Juve?
“Jimenez is very talented but is this the first year in Italy, and not all of them are the Baggies. Juventus need a Benzema, which opens up spaces for Ronaldo and Kick. Juventus, however, has taken a lot of goals, and also lost many matches because Sarri was intestardito with Bentancur. In the end, the strong teams are with the midfielders strong: if you do not defend well, and make the end of Barcelona with Bayern”.

How to unlock Owned by Juventus?
“Could you shut up, Pilgrims, because there will be the departure of Ghoulam, and to the left it will just be Mario Rui. Forget about the Naples of Himself and Benitez, everything has changed. Of Owned speak to me, to have a means of agreement to parameter zero with the Juventus, but in order not to lose it to zero may be included in some of the exchange, and speaking of Newcastle, but also of Tottenham. In Italy he might go to Juve, but instead of who?”.

Kick could start really?
“According to me, yes. I don’t think Barcelona, even at PSG, I think the most any English team or arabs and qataris… Today’s Kick is the only means of star players in Italy”.

Zaniolo, and the Pilgrims will remain in Rome?
“Absolutely, they can’t sell them. The Roma will create the team on these two, in my opinion: it will be the year of knowledge, but once healed the accounts they are assigned to play for the first four places”.

Who could do the ds, Giuntoli?
“I work Giuntoli in Naples are not happy… About forty-two players bought there is no one who has made all the difference, and then not for forgiveness, none of you have destroyed the best youth sector in Italy. Vintage ’91 in then, Napoli has not had players in the youth sector, and the Spring is also relegated. To Rome, they tell me that it is taking share De Sanctis, a young man. So they decide the presidents in Italy…”.

Fonseca the risk?
“For me, a lot. As a coach it is very good but according to me it has a lot of communication… To Rome, only one coach may go, that his dream: to Ancelotti. Also Sarri is an ideal item for the Roma, must create a team without the hassle of win. He is wrong to seek a compromise”.