ASUS ROG Phone 3 undergoes the teardown of JerryRigEverything – which, just a few days ago had inflicted on him the usual test of endurance. The device is interesting because it has some constructive elements of the anomalous, such as, for example, that piece of metal that is barely visible through a transparent window in the body in the rear glass.

Once raised this last one (just a bit of hot air to heat the glue, not too resistant, and a good knife well sharpened, it turns out that actually the block is entirely out of metal, and smontandolo the bottom note of the thermo-conductive paste. In short, we are faced with a real heat sink, very large compared to what is normally found in a smartphone.

Among the other facts:

  • the layer of plastic just under the rear shell comes off in a lock, and the shape is good to do a little bit of caution when maneuvering or you risk finds no two pieces.
  • in the glass there is a hole protected by a grill, water resistant – ASUS said to help to dissipate the heat;
  • in the lower part there is a small expansion card, probably to control the RGB LED on the rear shell;
  • there is another one in the upper part, probably for the LED flash;
  • below the tab – then as the last layer between this and the display – is a huge vapor chamber, probably the largest seen so far on a smartphone: at a glance covers an area equal to at least 50% of the whole smartphone.
shim.gif Asus Rog Phone 3 16/512GB

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(updated-August 19, 2020, at 17:57)