If you have been looking to get your hands on the flying mount known as the Shadowbarb Drone, then it’s going to take a bit more than simply handing over your WoW classic gold. There are quests to complete, and a fair amount of perseverance for you to get the World of Warcraft mount, but it will be worth the wait if you crave adding the Shadowbarb Drone to your arsenal. 

Getting Started

Your first step will take you a fair few hours to complete, as you need to finish the introduction quests for the Visions of N’Zoth. How long it takes you ultimately depends on how deep you want to go into these quests, but you can expect it to take a few hours at least. If you are a new level 12- character, you will need to have made sure that you have unlocked the Essences of Nazjatar and Azerite. 

The Voidtouched Egg

Your next step is to get the Voidtouched Egg, which is found in Uldum during the new N’Zoth assault. You can find this egg by heading to an area found next to Schnottz’ Landing and Ankhaten Harbor. Once you have found it, you can interact with the egg to receive the Incredible Egg quest. You will then be required to go to H’partho Ardoros, where you get the Match the Hatch quest. 

Once you have done so, you can then participate in daily quests that will allow you to start raising your egg to gain experience. Daily quests will grant your egg 300XP, whilst unique quests can earn more with 900XP. You need to raise its XP up to 4,999, after which you need to return the following day. 

You then need to get the Coming out of His Shell quest, where you will receive the Aqir Egg Cluster toy as a reward. The following quest, as well as the upcoming daily quests, are what you will need to get your WoW mount’s XP up to 5,000. After completing this process, you will then receive the Shadowbarb Hatchling. 

Training your Hatchling

The last part of the questline will see you working with your hatchling. You will receive a daily quest in which you will summon your hatchling to aid you for 10 minutes during invasion battles. The hatchling will gain experience whenever you kill enemies, so how fast it grows depends on how efficient you are. You will get 5XP for weaker enemies, whilst normal enemies offer 20XP, and elites vary between 30 and 50XP. You should be aware that you will be unable to re-summon the hatchling if either of you dies. You can also earn XP from a Pet Battle daily quest for 900XP, amongst others that you can complete to earn even more experience. 

Finally, you will hit 5,000XP, after which there will be a further set of quests for you to finish off. Once you have done so, you will be rewarded with a Shadowbarb Drone mount. 

So needless to say, the Voidtouched egg is one of the more valuable WoW items for you to find. And once you have raised it to a high enough level, you will have the WoW mount that you desire. It is a lengthy task to take part in but will be worth the time and effort to get this exciting flying mount. 

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