A few months ago, we saw the release of Path of Exile: Harvest, an expansion that saw players clamoring for the best methods to make the most out of the Sacred Grove that had been introduced to the game. Access to this Sacred Grove can take place as early as gaining entry to The Coast. This brings about another form of PoE currency of sorts with seeds to be planted in a Seed Cache. This will then activate several wild seeds that then bring in portals to The Sacred Grove, as well as Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove also being introduced. 

There is a fair bit to get your head around in Path of Exile. Usually, new players are thrown a lot of new terms such as PoE Orbs or PoE Uniques, or having to engage in a PoE Trade. The PoE Harvest is no different, as there are a few things that you need to understand in terms of how it works to get the most out of it. 


In the Path of Exile Harvest, you will find that there are three types of seeds, which include the purple Wild seeds, the yellow Vivid seeds, and blue Primal seeds. The traits they offer are determined by what tier they are, from tier 2 grains, third-tier bulbs, and fourth tier fruit. 

Seeds will grow once the player engages the Seed Cache. With that in mind, your best bet is to travel to different areas and open the Seed Caches that you find, wait for them to reset, and continue to help aid faster growth. Oshabi will inform you when plants are ready to be harvested, so keep an eye out for when its mentioned. 

PoE Harvest’s Structures

The next important part of PoE Harvest is the structures. These cost lifeforce to PoE build and all perform certain tasks. For example, Lifeforce Collectors can be used to PoE harvest fully grown plants around it. By activating one when there are over 8 plants nearby that are fully grown, it will begin to spawn monsters. These are then killed to have their life force absorbed by the structure. This will cost 25 lifeforces for the collector, and it can hold up to 50 lifeforces. 

Then we have Dispersers, which then cost you 30 lifeforce. Their role is to redirect the lifeforce energy to surrounding plants to fertilize them. Dispersers are more for seeds that are in the second tier and beyond, and it can differ as to what seeds should surround it, so make sure to check the seeds. 

If you are looking for something that can hold more lifeforce, then you can invest in Storage Tanks. These cost 75 lifeforce, but can hold up to 300 lifeforce. They are very handy to have between a Collector and a Disperser, and serve very well as storage units as the name suggests. You will also want to invest 10 lifeforce into Pylons, which carry lifeforce energy from one setup to another that’s four squares away. This is the foundation in which your whole setup is built upon, so make sure to fork out for them. Since they only have a reach of four squares, make sure to be aware when placing your buildings. The Pylons can then be linked to your Collector, Disperser, Storage, or even another Pylon. 

The Path of Exile: Harvest expansion does bring a lot more variety to the game. Quite literally, when considering the seeds that you need to grow. It marks another reason to be excited as a PoE fan, with a bright future including the release of the mobile version of the ARPG, as well as the upcoming Path of Exile 2. 

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