The Regicide quest in OSRS sees you heading out on an adventure that continues the Plague City series. You will be given the task of getting rid of King Lathas’ brother this time around, as you embark on a long quest at Master difficulty. So, if you are ready to embark on a trip of OSRS gold and glory, then read on. 

OSRS Regicide Quest Requirements

To get started, you will need to have completed the Underground Pass, Biohazard and Plague City quests. Your Crafting skill will need to be at level 10, and you will need 56 Ability as well. There are several OSRS items that you will need to obtain for this OSRS Regicide quest. Firstly, you will need a bow with arrows, two ropes, a spade, limestone, and a tinderbox. You will also need a strip of cloth, gloves, a pot, a cooked rabbit, as well as pestle and mortar. Make sure you also have around 20 coal in the bank as well before starting. 

Starting the OSRS Regicide Quest

To begin, head to Ardougne Castle and speak to King Lathas. You will be instructed to go through the Underground Pass to the western darklands. You need to get yourself to Iban’s Temple and go into the well. Next, you need to head out of the cave to the west, then go through the forest before talking to Idris. After this, follow the map to find Lord Iowerth, and head to the south-west before jumping the leaves trap. After this, head west and this time pass through the sticks trap. 

Go down the north-west path and once again avoid the leaves trap, and head north until you get the the Iorwerth Camp via the log balance. Speak to Lord Iorwerth when you get here, then you will be required to follow the map to where you will get to the Elf Tracker. Head back in the direction that you came in and then go southeast to get to the sticks trap, but don’t go through it. 

Speak to the Elf Tracker, and you will need to do a bit of back and forth here, as you will then need to go back to Lord Iorwerth again, before returning to the Elf Tracker once more. After doing so, click to be able to follow your tracks, which are located to the left of the tracker, over by the blue coloured mushrooms. Go and talk to the Elf Tracker again, before going to the dense forest. Eliminate the guard and go north into more forest, just be careful of the tripwire. Then, head west until you find General Hining, and speak to him. You now need to take two barrels back to the Elf Tracker, and use them on the tar nearby. 

You will find some sulphur to the right where the tar was, so grab a piece then head back to speak to Lord Iorwerth, and make sure that you have an inventory slot free. One thing to note here is that if you want to keep your Crystal Pendant, then be sure to drop it before speaking to Lord Iorwerth. After the talk, read the book and make sure you keep it in your inventory. You then need to talk to the Lord once more about each OSRS item required, before teleporting from Tirannwn to a bank via any method of your choosing. 

Making Preparations 

If you have followed the requirements listed earlier, then you should be ready to start making preparations. The OSRS items you will need here are limestone, gloves, a pot, your pestle and mortar, and four balls of wool if the strip of cloth is still needed. Equip your gloves and use the limestone on a furnace. You should have a pot in your inventory, then use your pestle and mortar on the quicklime, then again on the sulphur. You can use four balls of wool to make a strip of cloth If you don’t have one already, which can be done on the loom found in the farm near Falador, or by the portal near Hosidius. 

Chemistry in Rimmington

So Rimmington is your next stop, where you need to speak to the chemist whilst making sure that you have the book in your inventory. You need to make sure that you un-note your coal if necessary, which you can do using Phials at the Rimmington general store. After this you need to use your barrel on the tar. 

You need to know how to operate the still next, so turn the valve on the right until you get to the third tick. Keep the valve on this tick and wait until the pressure gauge is in the green zone. When the heat gauge falls too low, you can add an additional coal to it after the initial two coal being added. You should only need to use around five coal to complete the process. 

Once you have the barrel of Naphtha, use the quicklime and ground sulphur on it to make an unfused barrel bomb. Then you can use the strip of cloth on it to make it into a fully fledge barrel bomb for you to use. 

The Assassination 

Make sure that you have your bow and arrows, your rope, tinderbox, spade, cooked rabbit, and barrel bomb at the ready. Head back through the Underground Pass once again, though this time you might want to bring some summer pies with you, or some agility potions for faster movement. Just as a sidenote, you can kill a rabbit near the Elf Tracker and cook it if you don’t already have a cooked rabbit in your possession. 

Finally, you need to find the catapult, which is located to the north of the Tyras Camp. Once there, use your cooked rabbit on the guard nearby, then load the bomb onto the catapult. Once you have done so, speak with Lord Iorwerth. 

You will be given a letter to be taken to King Lathas. You will gain access to the overground pass of Arandar too. To complete the OSRS Regicide quest, we need to make our way to Ardougne Castle. You will meet an elf along the way known as Arianwyn who will be able to break the seal of the letter, and you will be told to read it. You will learn that it was in fact King Lathas that is the one who is the quest’s antagonist, who works for the Dark Lord in an attempt to regain Camelot. You can the finish the quest by returning the letter to King Lathas. 


For completing the OSRS Regicide quest, you will receive three quest points, as well as 13,750 Agility experience. You now have access to Tirannwn, as well as the overpass of Arandar if you choose to use it. As for abilities, you can also charter a ship headed for Port Tyras, use teleport scrolls for Iorwerth Camp, and battle with Zulrah with Zul-Andra teleport scrolls. 

Congratulations on beating the Regicide quest. It is a long quest to take part in, and you may have to shell out some OSRS gold to get the correct required OSRS items. But it isn’t so much so you will need to resort to buying OSRS gold, and there are OSRS items that you can collect along the way if necessary. 

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