Since the initial release of Fortnite, many players have been looking for ways in which they can keep track of their Fortnite stats, but also compete with other members in the community. This is something that has been made possible thanks to the Fortnite Tracker, which offers up its own rankings system for you to take part in, known as TRN Rating. 

What is TRN Rating? 

The TRN Rating is a skill system as part of Fortnite Tracker, which offers players a new outlet for progression. It serves as an unofficial rating system that only works for players who are using the site. There are different rankings for each mode in the game, including Solo, Duo, and Squad.

How does the TRN Rating Work?

Whenever a player heads over to Fortnite Tracker for the first time, they will receive a rating. Rather than starting from 0, it actually starts 1200. The rating range goes up to 5000, with this score representing the most elite players in the system. Your ranking is then determined when your Fortnite stats update, based on your most recent games. Whether you won, placed, or lost, as well as how many kills you racked up will determine your score which will then be adjusted accordingly. 

The database then calculates the median amount of kills. In Duos, winners get 7 kills, whilst the 2nd Tier gets 4 kills, 3rd Tier gets 3 kills, and the rest receiving 2. In Solo, on average, the winner gets 9 kills, with 2nd place getting 5. Using this method, scores are computed as the winners getting 5% of the current score, or 4% if you win with less than 7 kills. Losing takes away 2.5%, but will only take 1.5% if you manage to get over 2 kills. You don’t have to worry about receiving a negative score, however, as it can only go as low as 0. Even though it’s technically possible to do what’s required to receive a negative score, you can’t actually go any lower than 0. 

Other Useful Information

You may notice that when looking at the TRN ratings that a player has worse stats, yet finds themselves higher up on the leaderboard. Don’t panic if this is the case, as you need to not look at what the overall Fortnite stats are. Your position is based on your match history, not the Fortnite stats themselves. Your objective is to win games, and with this system, you don’t have to worry too much as it caters to a busy lifestyle. If you don’t have time to play every single day for several hours, then you can still achieve a high ranking by simply winning games. 

Fortnite Tracker is also a great place for you to keep up to date with all things related to the game, including the latest news, featured items, and much more. If you want to delve deep into the game’s community, track your Fortnite stats, and compete with the best then this is the place to do it. We are still waiting on Epic Games to release some form of official system that we can use for tracking statistics such as these. However, even beyond Fortnite Tracker, there are even more outlets online for you to use that can get you even further involved with the game, so be on the lookout for which one works best for you. Some have a much more simplistic approach, however, so Fortnite Tracker is arguably your best bet for making the most out of getting your Fortnite stats online if that’s something you wish to look into.

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