While it continues the Open Beta of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft has announced that the battle royale free-to-play will be published officially in the next 11 of August on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the same day that kicks off the Season 1.

As a thank you for the great participation on the part of the players during the Beta period, Ubisoft has prepared a special event for the weekend. Those who will be playing the Open Beta for at least an hour or they will be watching at least an hour of content on Twitch on the channel of the selected partners will receive 600 Britcrowns to redeem at the day-one on August 11. The event has already started and will continue until the closure of the Open Beta is set to 08:59, 3 August.

On 11 August, in addition the game will also mark the debut of Season 1 and the beginning of the story of the Hyper Scape: in addition to a narrative line (a mystery that players must solve), there will also be a new gun, a new hack, new time-limited mode and a Pass the Battle from the 100 levels for a fee (950 Bitcrowns) flanked by a Free Pass with less unlockable items. Given that the Hyper Scape supports cross-play and cross-progression, users who have played the Beta on PC will be free to import objects to be conquered on the console, both the PS4 and Xbox One.

The announcement of the launch of the Hyper Scape and Season 1 was accompanied by a trailer which you can see in the opening of the news. Good vision!