Apparently, every few weeks, Sony likes to publish small details regarding its next-gen consoles PlayStation 5. This trend began last year when the details of the initial of the new console were leaked on the web. Since then, Sony has continued to reveal new information, such as, for example, the shape of the controller DualSense or the cover of some of the games coming. Now, it seems that before long we will be able to take a look at another feature for next-gen.

According to a new rumor on insider Tidux on Twitter, Sony seems to want to reveal to the public the user interface of the official PS5 in the near future. The item claims that development kits PS5 will soon be set to receive a new update, that Tidux defines “sales mode”, within the next few weeks. This new user interface then, could be the final version, that will be present in the console sold to the public.

Of course, this entry is not yet confirmed so take the news with caution. Is it safe to assume that Sony is probably working on completing many of the details as this at the time, and to maintain the enthusiasm of the fans until the release date of the console, it would be logical that the PlayStation show something in the near future.

PlayStations next dev kit update arrives in a few weeks which will feature ?retail mode? I know devs can see what the final set up will be. The current system is debug only with PS4 retail mode. Expect that the PlayStation will show it off before it goes live to avoid leaks.

— Tidux (@Tidux) August 29, 2020

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We remind you that the PlayStation 5 will be available by the end of the year. Recently, a new patent indicates that the console may have a functionality similar to the DLSS present in NVIDIA cards.

Source: Dualshockers