Waiting to find out every detail related to the next-generation console developed by Sony, there are many insiders who have wanted to share some impressions on the work done by the giant japanese.

Among those who have spent words of praise, we find Nick Penwarden, Vice-President of the department of engineering of Epic Games. In dialogue with the editorial staff of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the latter has, in fact, shared some impressions about the PS5, by adopting an approach that is very positive. “PlayStation 5 is a masterpiece of design. – he started out in no uncertain terms – Not only will lead a great leap forward in terms of graphics performance, and of calculation, but it is revolutionary in terms of technology, storage and compression of data, which makes it possible to create new types of experiences and games that can be appreciated by the public.”

In short, the manager in Epic Games seems to have doubts about the goodness of the work done by the engineers of Sony’s home. A line of thought not far from Tim Sweeney, who has recently stressed the innovative potential of the SSD, custom fitted by PS5. Today, among the titles in the line-up of PlayStation 5, the one that seems to have shown more of the possible implications of the new hardware in terms of game design is the new title from Insomniac Games: we talked about our Giuseppe Carrabba in his preview of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.