It’s official :Clark Gregg has filed for divorce from his wife, Jennifer Grey, August 13, 2020 Los Angeles, according to an article published in The Blast. Married for 19 years, the couple had announced their separation in the month of July in a touching post Instagram.

In the caption of a photograph showing Jennifer and Clark entwined and in love, the star of the movie Dirty Dancing, had written : “After nineteen years we spent together, we separated in January, knowing that we will always be a family where everyone loves, feels and cares for the other. We recently made the difficult decision to divorce, but we remain close to one another and are deeply grateful for the life we had together and the wonderful daughter that we have raised.”

Very touched and distressed by her break, the actress of 60 years, ending his publication, adding : “We are completely in tears by publishing this.” Parents of Stella, aged 18 years, and the players are preparing to start a new chapter of their lives, away from one another, but always united and accomplices for their daughter. A divorce, unexpected for the fans of the two stars, convinced that their relationship was part of the most solid in Hollywood.

Became famous in giving a reply to Patrick Swayze in the film Dirty Dancing, Jennifer got a Golden Globe thanks to its role as a mythical Baby. For his part, Clark Gregg is known for his work in the films of the saga Marvel.