If there is a point on which Ghost of Tsushima can be especially frustrating, it is at the level of its combat system. In fact, it is not possible locker opponents, which means sometimes, Jin pat on the blank so that one had tilted the stick in the right direction. In an interview granted to our colleagues from GameSpot, the creative director Nate Fox explained why he and his teams had made this choice.

“While working on the combat system, watching films of samurai, who, of course, have been a source of inspiration for this game, he said. And in these movies, people had to pay attention to multiple enemies at once. Suddenly, the confrontations are based mainly on the fact of facing a large number of different opponents. […] We have tried to make it so that the Mongols behave like a pack of wolves you encircling. It is only through your skill that you can counter them while they are attacking you from all sides. If we had built a mechanical lock, you would not have been able to move as fast to an enemy to another.”

We understand the idea, but it is necessary to admit that in execution, it lacks precision ; and when we are playing in “Difficult”, this kind of approximation can hurt the gauge of Jin. Anyway, it takes nothing away from the qualities of the Ghost of Tsushima in which the artistic direction returns to the brain. Also, we advise you to take a look at the beautiful images taken with “Photo mode” of the game.