Particularly venerated, the franchise Fable was decidedly pray day and night for a return in good and proper form : it is necessary to believe that Microsoft is listening to its community and has just formalize an all-new episode, simply called “Fable” and described as a “new beginning for the franchise legendary”. You will have understood, this is a reboot and it is developed by Playground Games, the studio of british origin games… Forza Horizon. So, for a surprise, a nice one.

Well decided to treat its players, Microsoft has even released a first teaser fairytale with echoes of humorous for this fourth installment is still a mystery that, unfortunately, did not loose neither gameplay nor release date : on the other hand, we know that it will be released exclusively on both Xbox Series X on PC Windows 10 and it will be available free of charge upon its arrival on the market within the Xbox Game Pass. Wait no more, we suggest you throw on this trailer new… and in 4K, please.