Everwild has also had its quarter-hour of glory at the Xbox Games Showcase, as evidenced by the new trailer unveiled by Rare. It is not yet clear what to expect with the game, the studio british having recently reported to be still in the brainstorming phase. “One of the reasons why we have not spoken in detail of Everwild, it is simply because we grope on a lot of things, said, in effect, the boss Craig Duncan.

We are trying out different ideas of gameplay. In the future, we will have a lot to say on the subject, but…we have an idea which really interests us all, and we think that she is special. In my team, people are waking up every morning with the desire to develop this game, and the captive.”

In addition to this new trailer, the other information to keep in mind is the confirmation of the game on Xbox Series X, while it had been announced only on the PC and Xbox One. As to the release date, you will have understood that it will have to be patient before you know it.