Assassin s Creed Valhalla

By opting for the norse mythology, Ubisoft Montreal knew for a fact that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was going to be compared to GOD OF WAR. A false debate, according to the studio, given that the two games have their own way of dealing with the topic : if Santa Monica Studio has preferred to focus on the deities, his canadian counterparts will remain faithful to the DNA of the series addressing the events in a historical context. Also, the demo that we were able to try for more than three hours focusing on a little known facet of the Vikings, as they were for diplomats. Instead of conquering new territories, the british by force, they did not hesitate to forge alliances with men of trust. That is why, when we start the party, Eivor wishes to place a new king on the throne of East anglia, not only to bring peace in the region – which was ravaged by the war, and in which are full of bandits – but also to strengthen the development of his clan. The problem is, that Oswald, the one appointed to carry the crown, is presumed dead. To avoid that Rued and its troops do not take power, Eivor convinces the locals to rally to his cause, allowing him to build a squad for the raid that he intends to carry out against a camp located a few kilometres away. This is a novelty introduced in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the objective being to retrieve a whole bunch of resources that can enhance the skills of our character, or even his equipment.

Because despite all the attachment that one can bring to the series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is closer to the time of a journey by the Vikings as a true revolution.

If we chose to do this raid alone, the former, it is important to know that using the horn call, it may very well alert our allies to lend us a hand. In this case, it is not impossible that some will be seriously injured ; there will then be a means of cure. Anyway, this first contact with the combat system has highlighted some of the edits made by the teams of Ubisoft Montreal. Most notably, the bar life, unlike Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, only regenerates most when we pick in the adrenaline meter with a special ability, or that one takes the leak. Now, you must do it yourself by pressing right on the d-pad to Eivor consumes food. From what we saw, you will be able to store up to eight items repairers, knowing that food is exclusively dedicated to the adrenaline. Anyway, all that to say that before every fight, he’ll have to take the time to do the full ; we have learned to our cost, of course. Magnanimous, the developers have even put mushrooms and raspberries to places where we could be in trouble, history does not abut indefinitely on the same sequence. The other point that jumped us in the eyes, it is the ambidexterity of Eivor : it is also endowed with the right hand than the left hand. Practice to wield two weapons at once. Of course, it is not an obligation, and it is perfectly feasible to equip an axe and a shield, a heavy lance, or to fight with bare hands.

Assassin s Creed Valhalla


There is the case of the heavy weapons that require two hands. An important detail to highlight in the sense that without any shield to protect himself, the cross is the only way to neutralize the opponent moves. After, this is not a game From Software : the timing remains sufficiently breathable so that it does not systematically feat. That said, for those who intended to use and abuse rolls and dodges, a gauge of endurance reminds us immediately with the order ; fortunately, it does not attacks. It is also noted that the opponents can now be shattered when their bar stun is empty. They are then exposed to a finish move (which, by the way, adds a dose of HP) that are executed by pressing the right analog stick. An attack strong enough can make them stumble, the time of the crash to the ground, always with the right stick. An additional mechanical which adds a dimension of tactics to the fighting, especially when one starts to poke around in the skills that Eivor unlocks thanks to the books of knowledge. As in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, they are assignable via LT and RT : left for those that allow you to attack enemies at a distance, to the right for those dedicated to the body. You will have the opportunity to discuss in more detail in the test, but keep in mind that it will need to re-establish a good balance between the skills the assets and liabilities, depending on our style of play. Besides, we nearly forget to specify that they will once again be divided into three categories : Wolf (blue), Bear (red) and Raven (yellow). Basically, it replaces sections Hunter, Warrior and Assassin, to which you had become accustomed.

Assassin s Creed Valhalla

It has the force to cut the ratings, it was found that skills were particularly effective for emptying the gauge to stun opponents, while others take on the task of scratching their bar of HP. Except error on our part, dodge perfect – with which the time is slowing down so that we can adjust the enemy in Odyssey – has disappeared. We imagine that this lack will be compensated by a special ability. It is not known whether the famous Attacks top gun (as the one triggered with RB+RT/R1+R2) will be of the party ; to the extent that only two doses of adrenaline were available and that they are supposed to consume three, avoid too much advance on the subject. What is gained on the other hand, it is the return of the different types of bows, a feature that the community had enjoyed in Assassin’s Creed’s Origins. With its rate of fire is super-fast, the arc Bears is recommended to attack multiple enemies at once and hunt small game. The arc Raven, for its part, is equipped with a zoom ; the ideal model to do damage at long distance. Finally, there is the arch Wolf whose area of dispersion (it can shoot several arrows at once) is valuable at a short distance. Of course, it will be possible to crafter’s different kinds of arrows, but we have not had the opportunity to take a look at it. Pick up a weapon to swing in the stride on an enemy is part of the program, knowing that we speak of a context action.

The other big news of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, what are the attacks through which Eivor and his clan can take over fortresses ; in this case, the Rued. The operation is done several stages, since we will have to go through different areas before arriving to the master (or mistress) of the site.

Assassin s Creed Valhalla

The other big news of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, what are the attacks through which Eivor and his clan can take over fortresses ; in this case, the Rued. The operation is done several stages, since we will have to go through different areas before arriving to the master (or mistress) of the site. Like the battles of conquest of the Odyssey, there are in the world to spit to clear the way up to the final goal, knowing that along the way, we have to force the doors with a ram. A maneuver that can be left to NPCS to better get rid of the archers stationed on the walls. Target the barrels of explosive is a classical method to eliminate them in a minimum number of arrows, dropping huge stones on their heads also. Please note that we can help our partners to break down the barricades. In this case, it is sufficient to take the momentum with the ram before giving a great blow ; three-four trials are typically necessary for the dam bursts. We do not hide from you that we didn’t know where to head at the start, so it came from all sides. Although our allies to multiply the strokes of the blade, I. A., vicious, will always arrange for us to track. This is perhaps not so bad after all, because it reinforces this notion of unity, a group desired by Ubisoft Montreal. Basically, you don’t have to be in the oven and the mill : while we scrap, our clan takes care of the rest.


In the same way that Odyssey, our decisions will have consequences on the description of the adventure. For example, after the boss fight in the face of Rued, it was decided to leave the safe life, without suspecting that he would take his revenge a little later. However, if we had cut the lead just after the capture of his fortress, one would have spared a second fight. It is not known if it is a clean look to this demo, but it is still the case that the dialog choices that have an impact on the story were not accompanied by a pictogram. Malignant muddying the waters. Assassin’s Creed requires, the infiltration remains at the heart of the gameplay, and the purists will soon resume their brands. Blow the whistle to attract the attention of a guard, to hide in a bush waiting for our prey to pass nearby, or even to deal with him a enemy was clinging to a ledge, it still works ; and with the great return of the blade secret able to instantly kill even the most robust, the stealth absolute becomes a reality. It must be said that in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, his absence had made him cry more, because even taking enemies by surprise, the assassination attempt could possibly go wrong, which corsait considerably the result of the quest. Now, it is assumed that the low level of the mobs explained that we could plant them quietly in this trial version, the director Ashraf Ismail has said that Eivor will have to learn a secret technique to use the blade with the right timing.

As you could have guessed, the comeback of the blade secret will not be done without consideration. More concretely, the raven of our hero/heroine will not be able to mark the opponents in the last two episodes. Here, we will have to rely on the Spirit of Odin, which, with a simple press of the right stick, highlight the individuals present in the corner. To add a little more spice, its effects will be temporary ; the silhouettes will fade in then after a moment, forcing the player to re-enable the Spirit of Odin. Again, we can assume that its duration as well as its radius can be improved. In any case, we took advantage of this first preview of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to discover the few perks available in the city of Elmenham. We were thus able to participate in a drinking game which consisted in linking the greatest number of glasses. It was necessary to ensure both the amount of alcohol ingested by Eivor (by pressing A in the right tempo), but also to its balance by tilting the stick left when he/she began to waver. Just after a little romance away from prying eyes, was fun to draw on pots of earth, before engaging in flyting. To make it short, when the competitor swings his tirade, one has to answer by paying attention to the rhyme and the meaning of our phrase, all of it in the allotted time. Wojtek only spits out certainly not the top. Clearly, the additional activities will not miss, three gauges allowing to even know where we are in the search of treasures, resources, mysteries, secrets.

However, it was noted that on the waters, you can choose between the traditional songs of the crew, or listening to a narrative of norse mythology. This last point reminds us, GOD OF WAR and the legends told by Mímir when Kratos and Atreus borrow the water.

The role of the ship was limited. It was able to control it to approach the fortress of Rued, being careful to protect themselves from the flaming arrows via LB. The boat Eivor has also been used to explore the surrounding area, but it was not crazy, to tell the truth. However, it was noted that on the waters, you can choose between the traditional songs of the crew, or listening to a narrative of norse mythology. This last point reminds us, GOD OF WAR and the legends told by Mímir when Kratos and Atreus borrow the water. We have not had the time to do a complete tour of the contents of the demo, but one could not miss the legendary animal, the Black Dog. Those who have faced in the Odyssey know that they are not there for us to cuddle, and we shall have the right weapons to bring them down. Finally, in regards to the achievement, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla of course can not be judged only on the portion of the map that has been presented. Nevertheless, we feel that Ubisoft has put the package in terms of texture, whether it’s in wooded areas or strongholds. Finally, there are the same ambitions for Assassin’s Creed Unity, the downgrade in the least. A few points of synchronization that we have activated have been the opportunity to admire the landscape, which, we are already convinced, are sure to renew throughout the campaign. For the moment, two points we chiffonnent : the quality of the cut scenes that seems to be behind compared to the Odyssey, and the animations that will once again grist to the detractors of the series.