On the 23rd of July, early access to the 2D platformer Rogue Legacy 2 has been launched through Epic Games Store, and yesterday on Steam. The principle is based on the kind of rogue-lite is still present, but instead of the appearance pixelloso, the developers are now opting for 3D characters and hand-drawn backgrounds.

The description on Steam shows that there will be new skills and unique weapons to the classes of heroes. This also includes items that give the player permanent access to new abilities. Should have a major impact on the way in which you will play to the platform with strong influences from games like Metroid and Castlevania. The phase of early access is expected to last about a year.

Currently in early access there is only a biome and a half, with more than 700 rooms, raiding, and four classes to choose from, in addition to a boss. Obviously as development continues will be adding new details in the game. The study development has provided an update every two months that will introduce biomes, bosses, weapons and much more.

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Currently the game is available for 15,11€, with a 10% discount that will expire on the 25th of August. The price may vary later on, as the development will continue.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun