Publisher Green Man Gaming has released in Steam visual novel Lovingly Evil Finnish Studio Lizard Hazard Games, authors Your Royal Gayness and LoveBug. Game to August 26 is sold with a release discount, for 270 rubles.
In the Lovingly Evil players can create their own evil character, using the editor of the villains, and to go to the conference, where the same villains. During the game, it will be possible to become friends and even start a romantic relationship with different villains until the Devil himself.
Depending on the choices of the players and even the time of day the events will unfold in different lines, but in any case, the story would be frivolous and even funny. And each of the potential lovers will open its own mini-game: for example, cards, flower arranging or cooking barbecue.
Advance to meet with Lovingly Evil free-demo.
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