Edition of Bloomberg published an article that took apart where the legs grow most of those 30% of the Commission, who are now fighting the global giants.
In the first part of the material, the reporters tell about the background of the scandal. Last week, Epic Games tried to get around the 30% fee Apple and Google in their stores. For this Fortnite was immediately banned in the App Store and Google Play. Epic went back to court, what finally angered kupertinovtsy, and is now preparing to ban even on the engine Unreal Engine.
In fact, the publication was dismantled, as there are the same interest. It turns out that it all started to happen back in the early 1980s. Then Namco, which rowed shovel money with arcade Pac-Man, extremely interested in the console, the Nintendo Famicom (our time) and the opportunity to release their game.
However, Nintendo professed “closed” in the path she made and published the game, released cartridges and access to their console, no one would. To persuade Nintendo, Namco has teamed up with another giant of those years, Hudson Soft. At the talks the first invited the owners Famicom 10% of sales for the opportunity to make games for consoles. Second — 20% for the right to produce cartridges for the NES. And so were born the same 30%.
This tax went through all consoles and platforms, despite the fact that the methods of distribution have changed radically, and the cartridges are today reminded that unless the memory card to Switch. Each company explains these “extortion” in their own way.
Sony says that the money spent on the maintenance of payment systems, content servers and license fees. Apple says that these funds provides safety and support developers, as well as the opportunity to open access to the platform for small companies.
Eipc, in turn, became the first platform which broke this “law 30%”. In the Epic Games Store developers leave themselves not 70%, and 88% of revenue. And, according to Tim Sweeney, this example should follow the rest of the company.
Bloomberg suggest that the current monopoly of Apple and Google could lead to the creation of a third force. It happened when Nintendo raised the price of their cartridges and crossed the border at 30%. This provoked Sony to create the first PlayStation and the transition to the wheels.
Also, the publication notes that the aggravation of the situation in this year is easily explained. In the industry now spinning so huge amounts of money, that companies began to think, for which they give hundreds of millions of dollars.
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