Not so long ago, Blizzard reminded that it does not provide keys or codes to access the beta testing additions World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and warned that such proposals can be above the intruders. But now everything has changed.
On the official forum, Blizzard has reported that the company released a limited batch of keys for the beta server. They were given some streamers, content creators and the community for the Raffles and distribution.
However, the keys for it: some activists are somehow able to provide access to the beta Shadowlands its subscribers and viewers. But to sell and resell these approaches impossible.
A number of streamers have already reported about the hands: August 20, MrGM will compete for 30 invitations, MusclebrahTV got 60 keys, he will distribute them on August 22. And streamers Taliesin & Evitel ready to give 100 accesses to those who send them to Twitter a screenshot of a sad character with the hashtag #TandENoShadowlandsBetaClub.
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