During the State of Play of the evening, there was also room for the Aeon Must Die, a fighting game from the art style rather interesting, however, is making itself heard, for reasons unfortunately definitely wrong.

Shortly after the publication of the trailer, which you can see at the bottom of the news, the network is checked, a message that is rather hard and worrying to those who would be the developers of the project, the team of alabama agricultural and mechanical university Games. In this message we talk about abuse, crunch, intellectual property theft, and in general a situation really disturbing.

“This trailer was created through abuse, manipulation, and theft. Discover the truth about the development of this game here in this Dropbox (that contains several elements and interesting files. ed.). The people who have worked on each image don longer part of the company that owns the rights to the IP. Some were not even paid for their work.

“The trailer still has a litigation at the level of IP in the course. The real IP of the game was stolen from developers through a criminal act. We’re waiting for a final reaction of the publisher (Focus Home Interactive) to this information”.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the trailer shown would be a reworking of a movie, previously created by employees who are no longer part of the team.

That said, this also giving a look at the documents in the dropbox shared, we talk about crunch, abuse and threats that together with the lack of payments would have led to a veritable mass exodus of developers.

In this whole situation is curious to note the Twitter profile on the official website of the developers leads to an account that is basically empty that is called the NULL (empty, zero, nothing) and that has a beautiful view of the the link to the dropbox chock-full of files and documents.

For the moment we have confirmation absolute on the truthfulness of the allegations or of the shared documents, but the voices of relief, that confirm the history there. What do you think of these allegations and more of these situations?

Source: Twitter – ResetEra