The addiction to video games is a particular problem in China and other asian countries (like South Korea), for this reason, the chinese government is working hard to limit the time spent in front of the screen on the part of the young, and not only. In September he will debut a new ordinance, still the most severe of the previous.

At the moment many online games like Fortnite come with limitations regarding the time of use, for example, it is not possible to play for more than 90 minutes per day or at certain times of the day as later in the evening. The chinese government has now announced that it will launch a digital control system of the identity of the players, in collaboration with giants of the local, NetEase, and Tencent.

The two companies have already developed their own systems of control and security, which require the verification of documents and access via facial recognition. In other words, those who want to play online will have to provide necessarily their real data, as well as a copy of the personal documents, this directive will become compulsory from September and the provider will have to prohibit access to those who do not provide the required data.

This new protocol is required to be able to check the age of the players , and add as well the limitations mentioned in the opening play-time, which currently provide 90 minutes of daily play and a maximum of 180 minutes in the weekend for minors.