Sony has confirmed that the DualShock 4 will be compatible with PS5 only partially: the controller current will work with games for PlayStation 4 but it can’t be used to play with the productions of the new generation. A choice that has inevitably caused a series of reactions in the industry and the public.

One of the first journalists to publicly comment on the choice of Sony was Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat (which, we recall, had also foretold the State of Play of the 6th of August), which has criticized this choice, talking about “planned obsolescence” and compel consumers to spend money to buy a new controller.

A second response (or better, a dig) came from Xbox UK, the Twitter profile of Xbox for the Uk has remembered in fact that the Xbox Series X will be compatible with all the Xbox controller One for all the games. Xbox Series X will work with the Wireless Controller, the Adaptive Controllers, with the Elite Controllers and the joypad SCUF, as well as any other control system on the licensed product by a third party.

And you , what do you think of the decision of Sony to make the DualShock 4 compatible on the PS5 only with PS4 games? Please let us know in the space below dedicated to comments.