More than two and a half years from the announcement, Bayonetta 3 is not yet arrived on the market. As well as platinumgames, not only has still not revealed a release date, he’s never even shown pictures of the actual game. On the other hand, Hideki Kamiya continues to provide the laced to updates on the development to reassure the community.

They did it once again yesterday, when in the course of an interview with GameXplain, the game designer is only limited to report that the development “is proceeding well” and nothing more, similarly to what has already been done in the past. This declaration follows one issued last may, when he invited all the players to put aside concerns about the state of development.

This year, the processing of numerous games has been slowed by the pandemic Coronavirus, therefore, it is questionable whether this has occurred even for Bayonetta 3. The interviewer asked the producer Atsushi Inaba, who, however, failed to provide a comprehensive answer: “What has influenced your work? Honestly, I think that is something that we will understand later. We worked from home, trying to do what we can with this new methodology”.

In short, despite its creators continue to reassure us about the state of development, Bayonetta 3 continues to be a mystery. Nintendo doesn’t usually show the material of their games with too many months in advance on the output, but now it’s been a really long time from the announcement and the lack of information on the part of the fans is quite understandable. Bayonetta 3, remember, is expected exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.