Sony and Microsoft are in no hurry to reveal the many surprises of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, is sufficient to reasonably gradually, talking about the many features of the system and upcoming games.
The following great shows from both companies are expected in August: in the period from 5 to 11, the number from Sony and from 11 to 22 the number from Microsoft. At least on this hint the journalist VentureBeat Jeff Grubb.
But should we expect there loud announcements?
According to the former head of news GameInformer Imran Khan, even as necessary. Both companies have saved a lot of prominent news. Based on the words of the Khan, however, Sony prepared a lot stronger.
I suspect that Microsoft is aware of the scale of deals that Sony made, so Redmond know what you should expect.
Han surprised that Sony decided not to hurry with the impressions of several high-profile projects of its partners and has still not provided them to the public.
In may journalists confidently reported that the next PlayStation presentation held in the format of State of Play. Among the biggest announcements expected the new part of Silent Hill from Team Siren, headed by designer and writer of the original Silent Hill by keiichiro Toyama.
Microsoft in August, according to media reports, is going to tell you about services Xbox Series X and will present the second next-generation console — the Xbox Series S with the rate on 1080p displays.
This is in August both companies, according to Khan, will announce plans to launch a console — release date and price. But the announcements may still be postponed due to the pandemic. In the United States is now the situation is only getting worse.
In addition, on August 27 will be held the opening ceremony of the 2020 gamescom, where Sony and Microsoft can also make a few announcements.
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