Even if it is trying to gild the pill, Maxime is probably not past next to the first trailer for The King of Fighters : Awake, the new animated film based on the fighting game from SNK. Clearly, it is the sequel of The King of Fighters : Destiny, which, we remind, is released in 2017. In this two-minute sequence, we see Goenitz the boss of KOF 96′, to face Kyo Kusanagi who is trying to prevent the awakening of the demon Orochi. Except surprise, it is, therefore, the arc Orochi, which should serve the storyline.

These are not the only protagonists present in the trailer, because at the end of it, we can see the charismatic Iori Yagami feed a cat. It is at this time that a young man informs him of the fate of Kyo. There is no doubt that other icon of the franchise will be present in The King of Fighters : Destiny, but Joy Pictures still has the time to communicate above, the output of the animation film is not expected before 2022.