Recently, the PC release of comic Thriller Liberated Polish Studio Atomic Wolf. And on this occasion, the creators have released another trailer, this time the “praise”. They gathered the best estimates of the press, and at the same time boast full English voice acting of the game.
We already wrote about the fact that the version for Nintendo Switch has received extremely mixed reviews: profile media put the game from 90 to 20. It seems that history repeats itself and for the PC: user ratings in Steam mixed, and only 68% of buyers recommend the game to others.
As the main advantages of the Liberated people refer to the original comic mechanics that are well thought out and stylish looks. Impressed them and the first Chapter of the game. But then the plot becomes weaker and in the foreground is rather monotonous and unbalanced action.
As a reminder, for the PC the creators of the game added two free add-ons, full voice acting, support for 4K resolution and high quality textures. Buy Liberated until August 6, with a 20% discount on Steam or
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