Analyst Daniel Ahmad has posted on Twitter of very interesting data that suggest an impending full transition to digital with the advent of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Specifically, Ahmad has highlighted the shared data from major publishers such as EA, Sony and Take-Two.

EA has stated that 52% of the sales of console games in the last 12 months were made via digital download, Take-Two says that digital sales were up 55% in fiscal year 2020 and, finally, Sony has said that 51% of all games sold on the PS4 in fiscal year 2020 were digital titles.

Seeing these data, the analyst says: “in other words, we’re entering the next-gen with the digital world, which represents more than 50% of sales”.

EA said that 52% of its console full-game unit sales in the past 12 months were via digital download

For reference, Take-Two says its ratio was 55% for FY2020

Sony said that 51% of all games sold on the PS4 in FY2020 were digital

In other words. We enter next gen with digital >50%

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) July 30, 2020

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The advantages of digital are obvious to all, starting from the convenience of not having to move to buy a game. In addition, the store are constantly-enriched offers to enlarge the libraries of the fans.

Let’s not forget that Sony has thought of a PS5, all-digital, while Microsoft has already proposed to the public a version digital only Xbox One S.

What do you think? The full transition to digital will begin with PS5 and Series X?

Source: Twitter.