Hellpoint, the new action-RPG that combines Dead Space and Dark Souls of the Cradle Games and tinyBuild, is finally available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Hellpoint is described as a dark and challenging RPG set in a universe of sci-fi-rich atmosphere in which the border between science and the occult is very thin.

“The station Irid Novo, a time the apex of the glorious achievements of human, is now devastated, completely overrun by entities that are interdimensional evil and dominated by the will of the evil Deity’s cosmic”, reads the official description.

“You are a creature of the Author’s cryptic, you created and sent to investigate Irid Novo in an attempt to understand the series of evil events that have led to the strange incident known as The”Merger.

For the occasion, was released the launch trailer shown below:

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Source: Rockpapershotgun.