PG Esports, the first Italian company dedicated to competitive gaming, Tournament Organizer of the European Regional League and many other events esports on a national scale, today announced that the final of the PG Nationals Summer Split 2020, the most loved tournament of League of Legends of Italy, will take place online on Sunday, 2 August.

The proverbial day of reckoning, organized with the support of the official partners NicNac’s, adidas, Logitech G, buddybank, WD Black , and Chiquita may be on the channel Twitch of PG Esports, starting from 16:30 and will see the Samsung Morning Stars and the Racoon battle it out to win the title of Italian Champions.

In the last few months, the Campus Party Sparks, Outplayed, Mkers, DayDreamers, YDN Gamers, the Cyberground Gaming, Racoon and Samsung Morning Stars, they challenged each other on the virtual battlefield of League of Legends to determine who were the team competitive most talented of the Peninsula.

The winner, were Racoon and Samsung Morning Stars, which will certainly show in a final that promises to be crackling and full of surprises. This year the main event of the Summer Split, in fact, will give fans a level of showmanship never seen before, thanks to the various activities that will accompany the public to the decisive battle, which will be conducted in accordance with the format best of 5.

PG Esports, in fact, has decided to once again raise the bar of fun, by including in the panel of the event, in addition to the usual Analyst Desk, full of interviews and insight from the part of the caster team, and Hector Van Loon as a special guest, also the “NicNac’s Double Crunch Showmatch!”. An opportunity not to be missed for hardcore fans, who will attend to unpublished clashes between the players of the old guard and the new generation: Boomer vs. Zoomer, a challenge within the challenge is without exclusion of blows!

This match unprecedented will see among its protagonists Blackino, Image, Cohle, Mistil, and Fox for the Zoomer, while Acefos, Demon, DrMatt, Counter Brizz will defend the colors of team Boomer. Those who fail to follow the event live will be able to follow the live tweeting of PG Esports on their Twitter account with the highlights, sights and unmissable extras, including the awarding of the MVP of the league and of the Most Original Player by Chiquita, to round off a day that promises to be memorable.

In short, really everyone can enjoy a show that has all the cards in rule to become unforgettable. In the past three years, the main purpose of the League of Legends PG Nationals is to give greater visibility to Italian teams, offering them the chance to compete at the official level in the competitions in the continental most prestigious signed Riot Games.

PG Esports continues to invest in this national championship so as to give the most possible support to all the participating team: a collaboration that, in time, it is benefiting incredibly with the development of the entire phenomenon of esports in our Country.

With more than 100 million players monthly, for over ten years, we meet online to compete against each other, League of Legends has been the phenomenon that has cleared through customs and brought esports to the overall success. The final of the 2nd of August will be yet another demonstration of a sector in turmoil and ready to become even more important in the field of entertainment.