Yesterday, during the presentation, Xbox, Studio Dontnod unveiled a new trailer for interactive drama “Tell Me Why” and called the release date of the episodes: 27 Aug, 3 and 10 September. The game comes out on PC and Xbox One and will be available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.
Simultaneously, the Studio has updated the section of questions and answers on the official website of the game. Now it has a warning about spoilers, because for the sake of calming sensitive players, the developers have issued a number of plot details.
In the story the main characters, the twins, Allison and Tyler, we meet ten years after their mother’s death and travel to his childhood home in the wilds of Alaska. And there they discover that their memories of the most important night completely different. Now they need to find out what had really happened.
The main question concerns the fate of Tyler, a transgender who was born a girl but now a guy. The developers claim that they want to debunk the stereotypes: sex change in this case is not associated with pain and injury, and the Tyler was not affected by negative childhood events.
Moreover, the game has a number of endings. But they are all for Tyler will prove extremely optimistic and will vary only in how the rest of his relationship with his sister and what he plans on doing after the final game.
As Tyler and Michael, an Indian queer will not be in the game to face transphobia and homophobia. That some people can be intolerant and aggressive, we learn only in the first Chapter of the story of Tyler (someone will show him microaggression) and stories of Michael. After that, they learn to surround yourself with understanding and positive people and everything will be fine.
The developers Tell Me Why ensure that the game is never going to sound “dead” the name of Tyler was given him at birth. In childhood he will be called Ollie is a nickname which he invented himself. So mistakes are Deadly Premonition 2 they will not repeat.
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