Milestone has today unveiled a new trailer for RIDE 4, the last chapter of the franchise dedicated to the lovers of the two wheels that will be available the8th of October. The new trailer allows fans to take a look at the level of visual fidelity, vanguard the game has achieved in the modeling of a motorcycle of the slopes.

The new trailer, created exclusively using the game engine shows some incredible detail of the bikes that have been perfectly reproduced as in their counterparts in real life. The interior is a perfect reproduction, both in terms of design and dynamic elements. The data on the dashboard and change in real time, speed, temperature, traction control…even with the oil tank vibrates according to the movements of the bike!

All models of motorcycles in the RIDE 4 were created from scratch using the most advanced technologies and scans to CAD and 3D original real models, in order to give life to the replicas, authentic and realistic moto the most iconic, rare and unique.

Along with the new trailer, Milestone has unveiled the Special Edition physical RIDE 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will include a Steelbook dedicated to the iconic Yamaha R1 2020 and will allow players to access the Season Pass, which includes 65 new bikes, 2 new tracks and 150 new events!

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With an overall cutting edge of visual fidelity that gives life to the replicas, authentic and realistic moto the most iconic, RIDE 4 offers a unique gaming experience, with a Career mode completely renewed. Players will have to face worldwide challenges, fast-paced, culminating with the Championships end with the Sportbike the more powerful, including the brand-new mode is Endurance, the most difficult challenge that only the best virtual pilots can face. This new game mode has allowed Milestone to increase the level of realism and authenticity with the lighting and dynamic weather, Pit stops for tyres and fuel management. When the competition gets tough, the strategy becomes crucial to success!

The pre-order are already available. RIDE 4 will arrive on 8 October 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM.

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