Within levels of Minecraft Dungeons are hidden a large amount of objects and hidden secrets. Among these, we find also a series of four secret levels, accessible finding their maps, the more one unlocked instead in a different way. We see today how to access the latter, the level Moo?.

The process to unlock access to this dungeon’s secret is much longer and complicated than the previous four. First of all, you will have to necessarily finish the game, at least the difficulty, the basis, and then from the camp head east, and you’ll come across a portal that is disabled. Proceed then to the south and you’ll find yourself to the right of the drawbridge: lower the seat and allow access to the church. Cross it and at the bottom of the nave you will find a button with a series of nine runes, the bright around it, one for each level. Finding them all, you can press the button and collect the map of the secret level Moo?, that will become available in the selection screen of the missions.

At the entrance of the room with the button and the slots for the runes, to the left of the arch of the church, you’ll notice a painting with a dog, that will reveal to you the location of all the runes; see the list below and where you can find them, considering that, fortunately, their spawn is fixed and not random.

  • Forest of Creeper – head to the village and the mission that asks you to free the prisoners, then head west. You will find a pile of stones with a button: press it and you can access a crypt, in which you’ll find the first rune
  • Marsh Dampish – after defeating the boss of the level, to the right of the door you’ll notice a group of red mushrooms and white, under which is hidden the button for access to the second rune.
  • Pastures of Pumpkin – after reaching the dam, continue on the stone bridge to the right and press the button hidden behind the wooden crates: it will lead you to rune for this level.
  • Canyon Cacti – go to the area where you will be asked to collect the blue key and to resist the waves of enemies that are blocking the gate. To the left of the latter, under the palm tree, you will find the button to press; after eliminating the last enemy, pick up the rune and head back to the camp.
  • The mines of Pietrarossa – during the mission, you will be asked to release some prisoners: from here, move towards the north-west and you’ll find some red stones: press the hidden button between them and you can collect the fifth rune.
  • Forge Burning – at the beginning of the level, before entering the cave, head towards the pot on the left, beside which you will find the button, and after pressing, the sixth rune.
  • The temple in the Desert – when you will be asked to find the golden key, you reach the room that contains but not collected. Move rather in the adjacent room, in the direction of the north, and cross it up to find the button that unlocks the rune of this level, located in the top corner.
  • Salt Altoblocco – go straight until you will be asked to reach the throne room and collect the golden key. You can reach the golden gate closed and continued up to the center of the map, where you’ll find a stone statue with gems. From here, climb the staircase to the north-east and interact with the button on the central pillar of the house on the left: by doing so you will get the last rune.
  • The pinnacle of Obsidian – after reaching the library, proceed straight until you reach the room with the chairs on both sides of the room and an altar along the north wall. Push the book that you will find in the library on the altar and you can collect the last rune.

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