The creators of the simulation of space station in Spacebase Startopia announced the launch of pre-orders for RS. The game can be purchased at a discount in two editions: standard and extended with a soundtrack and exclusive in-game bonuses.
All buyers of pre-orders will get access to the closed beta, which starts today. For beta tests will be open card three training, participants will be able to complete the first two missions of the single player campaign and test themselves in a limited skirmish mode.
During PTA the creators will add more content until the release of Spacebase Startopia. It is scheduled for October 23. The game will be fully voiced in Russian and will be available not only on PC but also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And in 2021 it was released also on Nintendo Switch.
Spacebase Startopia, players will assume the leadership of an abandoned space station, restore it and develop it, adapting it to receive a variety of alien races and species and protecting it from intruders. The game has both co-op and online competitive mode.
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