The publication of the first movie gameplay of Halo Infinite has divided users, some of which have not been fully satisfied with both the graphic aspect as well as the artistic. In this regard, however, it seems that the development team is open to any changes.

According to the words of studio head of 343 Industries, Chris Lee, the software house is willing to work together with gamers in the course of the development of the shooter and said she was concerned the feedback of the players on the sector of the artistic, which could then be changed from here to release, scheduled within the year.

Lee also talked about the lack of possibility to see soon a beta of the multiplayer, since the transition to smart working because of theemergency Covid-19 has slowed down work on the game.

Here are the declarations of the developer on the beta:

“The team is still at work and is in search of methods through which to test the game before the official launch. We will provide all the details about trial versions, but be aware that this process will not be a stop on the launch: the feedback of the players will be very important, especially after that the game will reach the shelves, because we will continue to support it with updates.”

In short, if there is any doubt about the arrival of a beta before the release, the development team has confirmed that Halo Infinite will act as a platform and the opinion of the users will be vital to the ongoing support of the product.

Did you know that Halo Infinite may be a hybrid between FPS and RPG? The recent update of the official page of Steam, and the game has confirmed the return of the Forge in Halo Infinite.