Yesterday Microsoft through its Xbox Games Showcase, has shown a trailer and a video of gameplay dedicated to Halo Infinite.

In these hours have appeared new details on the story that indicate how Halo Infinite is a sort of soft reboot of the series, therefore also suitable for those who are not familiar with the series. On the pages of IGN reads: “Halo Infinite is set many years after the end of Halo 5 with Cortana gone into the void and the Master Chief drifting in space. The Pilot, whose name will of course be revealed in the course of the campaign, sees the presence of the Master Chief, as seen during the presentation of Infinite at E3 2019. 343 Industries has confirmed again that that scene is the first part of the adventure”.

In Halo Infinite players will face the Exiles, a faction of the rebel already introduced within Halo Wars 2. “The guys from 343 Industries and do not lose time to point out that it is not necessary to have played the real time strategy of 2017 to have an understanding of the plot of Infinite,” reads the article. It will therefore not be necessary to first document with the comics and the graphic novel to understand the story of the new chapter. “We don’t want players to do homework before playing Infinite,” said Paul Crocker, developer 343 Industries.


Waiting to read more, we remind you that Halo Infinite will arrive by the end of the year on PC, Xbox One and XboxSeries X. New details claim that the game will have co-op mode and split-screen.

Source: ResetEra and IGN