After long months of waiting, Microsoft has finally, yesterday, presented the first demo of the gameplay of Halo Infinite. A true blessing for some, disappointment for others, Phil Spencer has recently justified vis-à-vis criticism, advising to go see the demo of gameplay in 4K/60FPS without the limitations imposed by the streaming of the showcase : today, we learn through our confreres of Xboxygen that the demo in question was running in reality… on the PC.

It was during a private presentation with the developers that the media has had the confirmation of this : however, 343 Industries certifies that the rendering presented yesterday is consistent with that offered by the Xbox Series X, that is to say, alive and well in 4K and sixty frames per second with the same technical effects. Moreover, it should be noted that the adventure of Master Chief and will also use the ray-tracing, thanks to an update that will be deployed after the game’s release, scheduled at the same time as the arrival of the new console of Microsoft at the end of the year.

Below, the demo of Halo Infinite in question.