Yesterday, during its Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft has lifted the veil on the eighth installment of his famous franchise of racing simulation : it will be a sort of reboot, will bear simply the name of the “Forza Motorsport” and is not expected until may-to be… years. Turn 10 Games says that it is indeed a “reinvention of the saga” and that will lead to an overhaul technique impressive : the american firm, tells us actually that the app will run in 4K native at 60FPS and will use the same ray tracing !

Moreover, the short trailer released yesterday was a brief overview, since, based on the game engine : no doubt, we approach the photorealism and there is no doubt that the developers are working hard to provide us with the most authentic experience possible.

Recall that, for its part, Sony has already unsheathed with a Gran Turismo 7 which will also be based on the 4K, the 60FPS and ray tracing, but, on the other hand, is expected much earlier, since it has good hope of seeing land this year, the line-up for the PS5.