Among the players of the Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 there is great anticipation for the arrival of the automobile, the new vehicle announced in the launch trailer of the season and that, according to the dataminer should do, in the short the debut.

In the last hours, however, appeared a mysterious message on the social channels of the official battle royale is clearly connected with the cars, and thanks to which you can guess that the arrival of this novelty is planned for the next few days. The post, which contains references to gasoline and insurance, suggests that all of the cars Fortnite Chapter 2 have disappeared from the map for being subject to a review and that would only come back in a few weeks, when they are ready to be used. By the use of the word “weeks” is likely, therefore, that there will still a while before the players can move from one area to the other of the map at the edge of a car.

Please note that the sea level is gradually lowering, leaving out more and more points of interest and it is not excluded that the car will arrive only when the water has reached its final stage, and Atlantis, the city of Aquaman, will be explored.