On the occasion of the long-awaited Xbox Games Showcase, the team is part of the family of Xbox Game Studios have presented the new productions arriving on the Microsoft ecosystem.

During the appointment there was space for both titles already announced for both firsts. In the first case, for example, Rare has had the opportunity to present to the public an evocative trailer for Everwild, while Obsidian Entertainment, creator of The Outer Worlds, has unveiled the reveal trailer for Avowed. Both movies showed both titles as coming to PC and Xbox Series X, however, as a result, has generated some confusion.

As reported by Stephen Totilo, Editor at Kotaku, the official sites for both games showed, in fact, also the Xbox One between the supported platforms. On the issue spoke directly to Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, through the Tweets that you find at the bottom of this news. In commenting on the discrepancy, the manager said that “The future of securities the First Party are developed primarily for the Xbox Series X. it does Not mean that these games do not come out on the Xbox One, is that we are dealing with Series X and that each studio will decide what is best for their game and their community for the time of the launch”.

To this statement, Greenberg has added thanks to Totilo, informing that the team responsible for the online portals have updated information so they are more consistent and homogeneous. At the time, in fact, the Xbox One is not mentioned either from the website of the Everwild , nor from the Avowed.