The show Xbox of Microsoft will be aired in a few hours, to the 18 Italian and from the event Inside the Xbox may, all eyes are on the company that will reveal, finally, the games first party.

Many people expect a show focused on the Xbox Series X, but apparently the whole show will not be entirely dedicated to next-gen, according to Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft.

On Twitter, Greenberg stated that the show will be “heavily” dedicated to the next-gen, but not the whole event. “That’s why we have defined it as an event dedicated to games rather than a show focused on the Xbox Series the X-or the Next-Gen”.

Therefore, in addition to various ads for Series X, the colossus of Redmond seems to want to surprise the fans. Probably will be announced Age of Empires 3: the Definitive Edition, and Battletoads, since both titles have been recently classified in Australia.

Gen 9 heavy, but not the entire show. That?s why we called it in Games Showcase, versus just an Xbox Series X or Next-Gen showcase.

— Aaron Greenberg ?????? (@aarongreenberg) August 22, 2020

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With regard to the next-gen, we know that it will be finally shown Halo Infinite, while numerous rumors claim that today will be the day of Fable.

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Source: Gamingbolt.