The Xbox Games Showcase was the opportunity to discover a whole new video of The Medium particularly interesting. Why ? Simply because it allowed him to finally see the concept of dual reality in which the developers Bloober Team are particularly proud of. Moreover, they have not hesitated to patent it, to ensure that it is not “stung” by another studio. “At several points in the game, the players and the players will be able to play in a world, and then in the other, or both at the same time, we said on the Xbox Wire. The game has been designed to ensure that each moment is varied and rich in surprises.”

Bloober Team adds : “This technology provides an experience, a unique perspective and new ways to play. A puzzle that seems impossible to be solved or a loophole to be found in the real world ? The solution lies perhaps in the spirit world, accessible through the psychic abilities of Marianne. And as each world has different checks to the controller, the exploration and puzzle-solving can also be done simultaneously if the need arises.”

The developers remind us that this mechanic was not possible on Xbox One. “It is a technological concept that our studio wanted to make a profit for years, but in all honesty, it was until now impossible because of technical limitations of previous generation. Without the embedded technology in the Xbox Series X and the PCs in the most recent, we would not be able to display two distinct worlds simultaneously. It also allows us to instantly move from one place to another, I hope that this last point is going to redefine the genre of horror.”

In passing, we note that the ambitions of the studio to The Medium are such that it has solicited the services of Akira Yamaoka, composer of Silent Hill, for the care of the B. O. of the game. The Medium – whose release date remains unknown – is expected on Xbox Series X, but also on PC.