After having given shape to the series of SteamWorld, the developers of the team Thunderful officially announce The Gunk with a video that demonstrates the dynamics of gameplay and the sci-fi of this intriguing action adventure game arrive on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

With The Gunk and the collective of Thunderful takes you to a world vast and exotic for us to embark on a dangerous quest full of combat against terrifying creatures and challenging puzzles to complete.

Our task will be to explore the alien planet to reveal its innermost secrets, all in the hope of being able to survive the monsters that lurk among the bizarre arcologie that roll off the landscape.

The video ad also shows the multi-purpose tool which is equipped with the protagonist and who, in all probability, we will have to enhance and customize in the course of history, drawing on objects from the enemies turn, or recovered within the scenarios, similarly to what happens in the series of SteamWorld.

Like all the other games shown during the event the Xbox on July 23, also The Gunk will be received “free of charge” to those enrolled in the Xbox Game Pass, both on PC as on console.