During the presentation of games for the Xbox Series X company Xbox announced the opening of a new internal Studio Interior/Night. And its founder and creative Director was Caroline Marshall, the lead designer of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.
The first project, which will take former employees of Quantic Dream, was named As the Dusk Falls. It’s an interactive drama that takes place in Arizona.
In 1999, the heroes of the game were in a difficult situation with capture of hostages. And from this point the narrative unfolds both in the past and the future, covering thirty years of relations between the two families.
The developers are going to ask us difficult questions: do I need to get rid of the influence toxic, but a loving family? Is it possible to start over after a move or job change? Can you defeat your own past? And the answers to moral dilemmas will arise for each in their own history.
The date of release As Dusk Falls yet, but the game will be released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
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