In the course of the presentation of the gameplay of Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X, which took place today on the occasion of the Xbox Game Showcase, it was shown for a few seconds the menu of the game, which has allowed fans to discover some interesting details on the game, 343 Industries.

Looking closely at the screenshot of the menu of the game you can see how the new adventure with the protagonist, Master Chief, you can implement some of these mechanics that are typical of role-playing games. To be clear, we’re not talking about levels, experience, and weapons that become as they advance in the game more and more strong, but a component ruolistica “soft” which may to some extent be inspired by the latest Far Cry. Inside the menu we can see a series of materials which may be of help to the protagonist to build the upgrades, which will be unlocked in the special item on the menu. It is possible, therefore, that exploring the map and completing assignments as primary or secondary it will be possible to access a series of power-up, maybe related to gadgets such as the grappling hook and its cooldown.

Waiting for new information, which is not long off, we remind you that this evening has been confirmed for the return of the Forge in Halo Infinite thanks to the official page Steam of game.